Christmas Day.. 25th December?

The day or date for Christmas to be observed by the Christian community was agreed upon by the Catholic Church and latter, embraced by the Christian community, as a whole. It was decided that since the Pagans stole the day or time from God, who initially created the days of the week, in the first place, that the Catholic church would find it much more conducive to appealing to the Pagan masses, by changing their customs and adapting them to signify Christian concepts, where the birth of Christ would be celebrated. This in effect, caused the Pagan festive season related to the winter solstice, to take on symbolic spiritual meaning. This is why red, green, white are common colours used in the Christmas celebration today, by Christians everywhere. Red = blood of Christ (forgiveness / salvation) Green – newness of life (resurrection) and White = love and character in Christ (purity). Remember; the days belong to God (He created them) and Pagans stole them from God (God forbids stealing and pagan worship). Christians has simply, just taken them back and turned them into a time of Christian celebration.
When you study history, particularly the pagan practises and the days, months and their meaning in both, the area and scope of paganism, you will find that all days, and months have pagan connections. Again; the Pagans stole them first.

Islamic Banking in the UK

Background and key principles

Under Islamic principles, Sharia law (prescribed in the Koran) defines the framework within which Muslims should conduct their lives.

The overarching principle of Islamic finance and banking products is that all forms of interest are forbidden. The Islamic financial model works on the basis of risk sharing. The customer and the bank share the risk of any investment on agreed terms, and divide any profits or losses between them. In addition, investments should only support practices that are not forbidden – trades in alcohol, betting and pornography are not allowed. Moreover, an Islamic banking institution is not permitted to lend to other banks at interest.

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